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perfect investment

bought gift card because it was discounted gift card and i still have long list of toys in my wishlist. it helps me save a little for my next purchase. :-)

Strong Magnetic Tiles

My kid really wanted the clear tiles so I decided to give Connectix a try. Really happy with how strong the structure can hold! Awesome! Will eventually get more! Kid made a box to hold some beads!

Beautiful Symmetry

Absolutely stunning piece. Really artsy. Big love for the symmetry in each piece, gave a new dimension into our play!

Wobble off the tension and stress

Great for both adult and child. I use it myself to relieve some tension and stress and it works! My kid love to use it for leisure reading and trying out lots of fun movements on it. Really sturdy and good quality. Some wool bits will naturally gets rub off over time.

Nice colours

Perfect colours for colour sorting activities

Great quality

Great quality as always. We used this to teach weather to our little one

Best purchase

Best purchase . Manage to grab it at a slight discount and we are happy with our purchase :) good as gift to friends too

Best purchase

Best purchase . Manage to grab it at a slight discount and we are happy with our purchase :) good as gift to friends too


Finally got these steps before the price increase . And we had not regret it . Stunning colours and great quality as always

Cute bowls

Was contemplating to get the grapat nest bowls or Grimms bowls , we decided to go for this. The combination colours of the bowls are really cute . It match our Grimms pastel rainbow set

Cute waves

It’s a bit smaller than I expected . But my daughter love it very much and it is more versatile than I thought . It match our playscape very much .

We definitely had fun !

Love how versatile and good quality of these mandalas pcs. Great addition to our current collection. We used this for ocean theme sensory play , pretend play , colour sorting and also counting

Grapat mandala

My girl love this very much. We use it for colour sorting , small world play and pretend play . Love the vibrant colours of this mandalas , great quality as always

Beautiful toy, suitable for newborn onwards

This versatile toy in black and white is good for newborn for tummy time, rocking boat, and the black and white Nins are so beautiful and catchy to baby's eye too! The detachable Nins can also be played with separately by my toddler boy. Looks even better on mama's toys shelves. Happy baby happy mama!

MUST HAVE for active kid!

Must have toy for an active toddler/ junior at home. Lots of throwing fun. Dont get hit by the "fire ball"! :)

Silky soft

Silky soft scarf for lots of fun plays

Silky soft

Silky soft for lots of family fun.

So much fun!

Its been more than a month since my boy received and played with his Large Starry Night Streamer! i must say i'm impressed as the quality of the streamer is good (sturdy wooden stick and a longggg beautiful coloured silk streamer) made a good wand to magically "heal" us when we got thrown by his "fire ball" aka Sarah Silk Skytail! Loads of active fun play at home. Only thing to bear in mind, as the streamer is made of silk, be careful as not to be tugged too hard as the silk might start tearing at the end of the seams where the streamer is attached to the stick.

1st starter pack!

If you’re thinking to own only one set, this is the one. And you can always expand with the expansion set after when you needed more in the future.

Great play

My toddler is 2 y/o. Not very good in building but good in destroying. She likes to name the colour and shape and arrange accordingly.

Grimm’s building 1001 night

beautifully handcrafted and safe grade paints! bought it early during the christmas promo for our upcoming hari raya festivities theme. Kids loved the suprise!!

Love it!

Perfect for small world play ✨

Nice colours!

Love grapat so much! The colours are really pretty and the bowls are well made!

Lots of fun & learning!

My 3yo took interest in this set the moment he opened them, it's the first time he's received magnetic tiles. He spent a good amount of time figuring out how they work and started building immediately. It's been about a month and he still takes them out quite often to build different things and the Inspiration Booklet that came with the set was full of helpful ideas for us. It's amazing observing his patience and perseverance grow as he builds new things and solve problems when the tiles fall or don't stick they way he wants. Also, very very grateful for the generous Christmas gift/giveaway that came with this pack - more tiles for him!

Great for imaginative play

This is a hit whenever I have guest with kids. They been a part of the play with blocks and connetix tiles. The play with the nins, the wooden mushrooms and the rest are limitless