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Best ball run ever!

Kids love it and it's a toy that will grow with them through the years. Love how open ended it is and how paired with a magnetic board we could create awesome 3D structures 😊

Absolute Joy

My Kids absolutely enjoyed building castles with the expansion pack. Thank you for making Connetix accessible in Malaysia!


I was actually eyeing the set of 8. But these 16 allows me to talk about the different shades of colour with my little one…


My newborn likes looking at the B&W people on the boat. However not sure if it’s made that way but the boat is more stable and doesn’t rock on its own..

Learning while playing

Many hidden mathematical and physics concepts are learnt just by playing. From counting how many tiles to knowing which tiles are required for the ball run to work… throw in some spatial awareness… amazing “tool”… although I still have to help my kid (4.5 yo) to connect the ball run pieces to the tiles.

beautiful and inventive pattern

This is perfect for my 4 year old daughter's small world play 😊 The circles are what have been missing from our blocks collection because previously we would use the arches or the semi circles to make ponds and watering holes but now we have the perfect addition. The colours are the usual perfect grimms standard and there is a variety of colours and the addition of the concentric rings are an interesting useful feature. Overall I would say essential for block play 😊

Creative play

I bought the Connetix tiles and ball runs for my 2 boys and they love it. Been playing with it ever since we got them. Initially they followed the book to make shapes and all, but now they use their own creativity to make animals, excavator and buildings out of it. Satisfied with our purchases.

Cant recommend them enough!

We've had this collection for a while now and they are surprisingly durable, the colours are beautiful and so vivid, perfect for small world play for my four year old or in the case of my 1 year, for becoming siperman ornplauing hide and seek, just wished i got the giant ones, will be back for them :)

Semi Circles are a must!

My kids have used the semis in almost every play, versatile and durable, it's lasted through being painted on, playdough stuck on it and the odd bashing

Grapat Fancy Nins

We absolutely love them! They are the cutest and is such a great addition to our Grapat collection. We love the colors and the children had endless fun matching and messing up the hats on the Nins. And they make such great decor in the house:)

Kingdom Playroom Carry-Play - AWESOME

I've been wanting to have this since almost a year ago and am so happy when I saw Bueno Blocks carrying it. It is as good as I imagined it. So multipurpose and portable. Easy to clean. Perfect for staycation too! Download the free play idea from Kingdom Playroom website for more great ideas!!

Love the versatility of open play!

We've tried (unbranded) magnetic tiles before but the recent promo trapped me! Haha! And I have no regrets! These tiles are so beautiful, light and comes in so many shapes so building anything is really possible! My boy loves them!

Aesthetic and functional

Really happy with the blocks, they are beautiful and my 2yr old loves to stack them as high as possible.

So beautifully made

Love how well and beautifully they are made.

So much better than those imitation ones

I started my son with those imitation magnetic tiles without brand it was good for him 1-3 yo. But I realise the tiles are so easily collapsed and the pieces sometimes don’t fit nicely (ie: the triangles fit together to make a circle). With this Connectix the magnets are so strong and the pieces come together well.

Base plate

Having the base plate means you can build something bigger and stronger!!

All about that base!

My children likes to build something with a big base.. so having the base is definitely the best thing because it's one big piece and it could hold the building much stronger.

Just had to have them

When you already have both Rainbow and Pastel megapack, you just gotta have the transparent sat as well ;)))


We have the rainbow arch and we just needed to add these semi circle rainbow to build something together.

The slope

These slopes is an addition to our LSP. The kids are loving it!

Extra balls

These balls keep rolling and go missing. So having the extra balls is a must!

Replacement ball pack

Having more than 1 child I just had to get the extra balls.

Pastel shape expansion pack

If you already have the starter pack or megapack, this is a must to add with your Connetix Tiles collection. Definitely a game changer.

Connetix Clear Rectangle

Connetix Clear set has always been my favourite tiles of all. It's just beautiful as it is though matching it with colour tiles would be beautiful too.

Connetix Pastel Rectangle

It is a must buy! Such a game changer for Connetix!