How Bueno Blocks Started


“We provide the very best open-ended toys designed to deepen your child’s connection with you, with themselves and with the world around them” 
- Yee Qing and KG

Our Why

Hello I’m Yee Qing - a chocolate lover, health freak and information junkie. 

I have a Bsc (hons) Molecular and Cellular Biology in Scientific Research, working in the field for several years. So you can imagine how much I love to research, gather information and get a lot of detail. I then fell pregnant and became a mother, so I went into an even crazier research mode. I wanted to find what was best for my baby. Not just the best but THE BEST. 

I first researched toys, and that's how Bueno Blocks started with my husband. As a young family of four, spending time with our little ones opened our eyes to a whole new world of play. Through observation, research and development, we became interested in open-ended toys for children.

But with so much information out there, I realised that I got pulled in different directions. It wasn't just the information I was actively looking for and researching myself; it was also the information I would get from people around me. I'm sure you can relate. I have my family, friends and even well-meaning strangers give me advice on how I can be better as a mother. I thought I was doing my best, but the feeling I got from people was that I was not good enough. So felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I lost touch with myself and with the people around me. Most importantly, I lost touch with the people who matter the most to me, my family. 

So I wanted Bueno Blocks to be simple AND the very best. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. The toys, the design, working with us is simple, everything. Some of you have a full-time job, some are full-time/part-time carers and educators, and some are stay-at-home mothers (stay-at-home is a job too!). Our job is doing all the crazy research and selecting the best quality open-ended toys, all done for you.

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a solid piece of something


Our open-ended toys are the very best of the best. 

We don't focus on being the cheapest or more, more, more toys. We give you options of eco-sourced and sustainably manufactured, durable toys lasting for 10+ years (not one play and done). It needs to be the best for my baby so that it can be the best for your baby too.

At Bueno Blocks, we offer toys that hold a child's focus and attention, refine gross and fine motor skills, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Often, these toys do not come with a manual, encouraging free play. In addition, they are also toxin-free and safe for mouthing, giving us peace of mind.

After extensive research, Bueno Blocks toys are carefully selected by us parents, for parents. We believe these are good, foundational toys for children, building blocks for the child's development. Toys that meet international toy safety standards.

We believe children deserve better toys.

Today, we're proud to work with parents, Kindergartens, daycare centres, clinics, resellers and more. Our toys are rated 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 937+ independent reviews and the fastest-growing Quality Assured and Preferred Toy Brand in Malaysia. 


Our Point of Difference

We were the first and original toy store to bring eco-sustainable toys to Malaysia. Our dedication to parents and carers is selecting the very BEST quality toys out there, backed by extensive children and toy research and development.

If you want an intentional and connected children's play space for your Kindergarten/Daycare, please get in touch with us here. Myself or my husband, KG will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days. 

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