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Kingdom Playroom in Malaysia by Bueno Blocks


Bueno Blocks is the  South East Asia distributor for Kingdom Playroom. If you are interested in stocking Kingdom Playroom, please get in touch with us.

During 2020, Jenny bought and prepared various setups of toys to keep her little ones entertained during the pandemic lockdown. That's when she felt the need to have multi-functional, adaptable equipment that assists in setting up open-ended activities.

That was how the Kingdom Playroom brand was born with its first hit product - the Carry-Play™ Kids table - which encourages creative play while maximising the use of small areas.

Versatile in its use, the table can be used indoors and outdoors, and its travel-friendly size makes it ideal for play dates and on-the-go activities.

As a family business based in Melbourne, Australia, Jenny aspires to bring forth the most innovative products to inspire play-based learning.