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Bueno Blocks is the Malaysian distributor for Wobbel. If you are interested in stocking Wobbel, please get in touch with us.

What is a Wobbel?

Give a Wobbel to a child and they instinctively know what the intention is and continue to see more opportunities and keep discovering. The Wobbel is an incredibly simple yet inviting toy, that it can be whatever you imagine it to be: a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, a small football goal, or at the back of an elephant?

Wobbel promotes balance & creativity. It challenges the user to move and play at home. Wobbel is for the young and old. Wobbel invites adults to play along with children and get fit. 

Wobbel boards are made of the best materials. It is very durable and can be passed on to other kids or sold second hand. It is not a unilateral toy and children (and adults) do not get bored, because they constantly see new opportunities. The Wobbel grows with the family.


Origin of wood

Wobbel wood comes from strictly controlled plantations, where replanting is guaranteed. Their beech wood comes from European FSC certified plantations. For Wobbels with special types of wood, they use intermediate layers of FSC European beech wood and carefully selected top layers of FSC certified and common types of wood from within and outside of Europe. In addition, the wood bending plant is very efficient, where raw materials and waste are reduced to a minimum. For example, there is no gas usage. The residue timber is used for heating off the premises and the press dyes.

Origin felt

Wobbel EKO wool felt is made from the best available natural felt from a local supplier. It is coloured by nature. Wobbel's unique pressed felt for the Wobbel Pro, Starter and 360 is mainly made from recycled soft drink bottles, between 10 and 20 PET bottles per Wobbel.

Origin of packaging

Our packaging is made entirely from recycled and recyclable cardboard and comes from a local supplier. The logo is applied with sustainable ink that does not interfere with the recycling process.

Own workshop

All Wobbels are manufactured in Europe and finished in the Netherlands. After quality control, they leave from Wobbel workshop in Amersfoort, where we work with people who are at a distance from the labor market.


The standard Wobbel and felt finished version are designed and CE, ASTM and certified for children from 0 months. It is suitable for children and adults up to 200 kilograms.

Bare Wobbel or with Felt / Cork?

For hard floors like laminate, wood, stone, tile, linoleum and marmoleum it is advised felt or cork.

This will protect the Wobbel, the floor and reduces noise. With sensitive or scratch sensitive flooring it is advisable to use a rug or mat anyway, irrespective of whether felt or cork is underneath the Wobbel. Unprotected parts can cause damage to the floor or the Wobbel.

We have no experience with vinyl flooring, but to be safe choose felt or cork.

If you have carpet or a large rug in the house, you can choose a bare Wobbel.

The Wobbel may be damaged by the use on hard and / or irregular surfaces. In particular, inter alia, floor tiles.  If there is no felt or cork is at the bottom, we recommend using a rug or mat to protect the Wobbel, the floor and your ears. With the convex side up (ᴖ) the felt or cork provides no protection and it is advisable to use a rug or mat under the Wobbel. By shifting the Wobbel with the convex side up (ᴖ) on such floors can cause damage to the sides of the Wobbel.

Difference difference between cork, wool felt and pressed felt

Wobbel sustainable cork is a very strong material when it comes to pressure load. Therefore, our cork is also called industrial cork and is also used for floors. Cork is a fine material and feels nice and natural. It is somewhat rougher than felt. Therefore, a Wobbel with cork can't be used as a slide. Cork is only available in natural cork colour. It can't handle plucking and sharp objects well. Small pieces can fall off. Therefore, a Wobbel with cork is only suitable for 3 years and up.

Wobbel EKO wool felt is made from the best available natural felt. It is coloured by nature and therefore doesn't contain nasty chemicals. It is highly resistant to abrasion, protects floors and Wobbels and has good sound deafening qualities. The risk of pieces coming loose like with cork is practically zero. It feels warm and comfortable to the touch, and is available in beautiful colours. There are 12 colours of wool felt in our standard range. 

Wobbel pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles. Just like the wool felt, it reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel. The soft, felt look means an extra invitation to the users. This felt is easier to clean. That makes the pressed felt suitable for intensive use. The available colors of pressed felt form a beautiful and unique contrast with the wood.



Wobbel User Manual: Wobbel 360 | Wobbel Original Pro XL

Wobbel Yoga Card: Link to download

With these 24 cards we invite large and small people to play and move together on and with the Wobbel.
Choose a series of cards every week for inspiration.
For example four of the same color or one of each color.
Give this a nice place at home. Or play a game!
There are 6 sets of cards, a manual and an extra memory game.
All in one file. Print them on nice thick paper and cut them out.