Art Supplies

The origins of the Lyra brand date back to 1806 when Johann Froescheis began producing pencils in a factory in Nuremberg. In 1868, the symbol of LYRA was registered as a brand. The lyre is a musical instrument that accompanied the singers of that period. The reason why the Lyre was chosen remains a mystery but it was presumably because of the high quality of the pencils. This was symbolically associated with the perfection and purity of the sounds that this instrument allowed its player to achieve.

Lyra has been synonymous with innovation and excellence “made in Germany” for over 200 years and consists of a range of extremely high-quality pencils and crayons with an innovative design. A varied, complete line with products for use in drawing and within artistic, technical and scholastic contexts.


STOCKMAR – artistic quality made in Germany

For decades, the name STOCKMAR has stood for the highest calibre art supplies. At Stockmar, their understanding of quality runs very deep: they are as exacting about the raw materials we select as we are about our manufacturing processes and the colouring and painting qualities of our finished products. They also strive to ensure that our products positively impact and enhance the abilities of the people using them. As a result, STOCKMAR products invariably offer outstanding quality and allow for rich and varied artistic experiences.

STOCKMAR products enable children to experience the world in a new way – through art. This artistic process, in turn, helps to improve children’s mental agility and artistic abilities by promoting creative interplay between their powers of imagination and senses. Moreover, the inner peace that artistic activities tend to inspire serves to counterbalance the pressures of our performance-oriented culture and the high demands made of children in today’s world, allowing for greater equilibrium in their childhood development.