Triclimb in Malaysia by Bueno Blocks

Started by Peter, Jolene and Christine, Triclimb is a classic Pikler inspired climbing triangle with a modern twist. Every detail and measurement serves a purpose to enrich your child’s experience and possibilities of play.

Triclimb is strong, stable, light and beautiful. Its primary function is to aid climbing and encourage movement in young children. Triclimb features a wonderfully simple but innovative design which gives it a graphical purity both when poised and ready for play or when folded for storage. An open ended developmental toy that’s not just for climbing, but also simultaneously encouraging play, movement and expression.

Triclimb is a sensory and motor development toy that provides your child the opportunity to reach new heights and milestones in their own time and in a safe environment. Grasping, standing, climbing, playing, building strength and confidence.

Made ethically from sustainable wood and water based stains and lacquers. Dreamt, designed, refined and crafted in Wales. Safety tested up to 100kg load according to EN71 standards.


The Pikler idea

The original Pikler triangle is based on the thinking of Emmi Pikler, a paediatrician originally from Vienna. She developed a new theory of childhood development in the 1930’s/40’s, which was based on encouraging children to move freely and develop at their own pace. She observed that when looking at accident stats, children who had the freedom to roam wild, climbing and jumping to their hearts content, tended to be more physically capable, and could fall without hurting themselves thanks to their greater understanding of their body and limitations. Pikler devoted most of her life to understanding the natural development needs of children, and founded the Lóczy orphanage in 1946, where she encouraged a comfortable atmosphere that fostered the conditions needed for healthy play.

Schema’s are the repetitive behaviours that your child does to learn new skills, such as rolling a car back and forth all day long. They are super useful in cognitive development and equip children for when they grow up and learn adult skills like driving a car. The Triclimb is really great for supporting a few major patterns of play and behaviour. In particular, Triclimb supports Orientation, Trajectory, and Enclosure.


Triclimb Ltd has won the JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 PLATINUM WINNER: Best Toy Design 0-2 Years & 3-5 Years Category.

Triclimb is recognized as a multifunctional, interconnecting range of climbing toys featuring innovative locking joints. Designed to support physical and cognitive development and encourage imagination and open-ended play.

Triclimb is such a joyful toy on so many levels and all our judges were so impressed by the design, the fun rainbow paint finish and its sheer versatility. They loved the fact that this toy can be configured and adapted into a myriad of exciting shapes and activity inspiring structures. The panel felt this was an exceptional toy for encouraging movement, development and imagination and were very excited that it can be played with indoors or outdoors and can then be easily folded down and stored. The many different accessories such as a reversible slide and climbing ramp, climbing arch/rocker, hammock and wipe board make this climbing toy endlessly entertaining and the fantastic quality of the pieces mean that when they’ve been grown out of they can be handed down.

“This has been one of the stand-out items of the JDA20 awards, with all the judges making a beeline for it! A beautiful set of play equipment that will enthrall children and keep aesthetically sensitive parents happy. Plus, the first brand to win double Platinum in our awards! Amazing!!”

Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

Source: 0-2 Years; 3-5 Years 


Note: Triclimb products are to be self-assembled. 


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