Our Story

Hello and welcome to Bueno Blocks!

We like to share with you a brief history of how Bueno Blocks came about.

We are a young family of three. As first time parents, we purchased a lot of toys that we thought would help in our little one's development. Little did we know, our room was bursting with toys that he just wasn't that interested in. We, ourselves, couldn't figure how to use those toys to interact, guide and support his development. That's when we started reading up on open-ended toys. 

What exactly are open-ended toys? They are toys that can be played in many different ways. These toys are able to hold a child’s focus and attention, refine their gross and fine motor skills, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Often, these toys do not come with a manual; encouraging free play.

The problem was getting our hands on these open-ended toys. They are hard to come by in Malaysia. We had to source help from friends/relatives living abroad or travel ourselves to get these toys. Through playing with our little one, we realised his attention span lengthen; evolving from him exploring the toys to role-playing. We are able to spend quality time together as a family while creating great memories together.

Seeing the joys and benefits of open-ended toys, we felt compelled to raise awareness within our community. We hope that by bringing in these toys, we help to remove the hassle of having to travel out of the country or having to pay for expensive shipping just to get these toys for our little ones. With that, parents alike can also join in with their own little one’s playtime, building memories together.

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