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Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks Streamer

Sarah's Silks Streamer

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The Sarah's Silks Streamers encourage your child to play actively, increase their quality of movement, and make them want to dance! Some pretend play ideas include waving in the wind, writing letters in the air, pretend fishing, dancing, and more.

  • Open-ended play with Streamers allows children to express their imagination and supports their independence.
  • Nourishing the senses with Streamers adds movement into the play of the child, developing their coordination, proprioception, and gross motor skills.
  • Growing with the child sets our Streamers apart from any other toy, allowing for a limitless range of play possibilities, and years of lasting play value.

The Sarah's Silks Large Streamer is a 16-inch long birch wood wand topped with a decorative wooden bead and an 8-foot long x 1-inch wide Silk Streamer.

The Sarah's Silks Mini Streamer is an 8-inch, birch wood wand with a colorful, 3-foot long, 1-inch wide Silk Streamer.

These toys are made from 100% pure mulberry silk and wood. Gentle on Mother Earth, silk is a natural fiber that breaks down easily and returns to the soil, replenishing and nourishing Mother Earth.

Care instructions: Silk pieces: Hand-wash with mild shampoo or dish soap and warm water. Hang dry, and iron on medium to restore shine

Warning: Strangulation hazard, long cord




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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and fun

My daughter enjoys playing and dancing with this! The quality of the silk and stick is good.

Vivian Chin
so beautiful

the mini is the perfect size for my 2yo

So much fun!

Its been more than a month since my boy received and played with his Large Starry Night Streamer! i must say i'm impressed as the quality of the streamer is good (sturdy wooden stick and a longggg beautiful coloured silk streamer) made a good wand to magically "heal" us when we got thrown by his "fire ball" aka Sarah Silk Skytail! Loads of active fun play at home. Only thing to bear in mind, as the streamer is made of silk, be careful as not to be tugged too hard as the silk might start tearing at the end of the seams where the streamer is attached to the stick.