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Grünspecht Klangbaum® Marble Tree Large 72cm

Grünspecht Klangbaum® Marble Tree Large 72cm

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Grünspecht Klangbaum® Marble Tree in Malaysia by Bueno Blocks is the iconic and original musical marble tree. The trademarked Klangbaum® won the award for the Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug in 2000 (the German toy industry's highest award for a wooden toy).

Set the balls in motion one at a time or all together. As they wind down, listen as the tree sings with a beautiful melody, as each wooden leaf produces a different musical note, creating a magical chime. Children loves to experiment with different sized marbles and wooden balls for different sounds. The sounds are soothing and the movement of the marbles mesmerising.

Includes 6 colourful marbles

Size: H: 72cm

Recommended Age: 3+

This product contains small balls which may present a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Made from Maple and Birch and non-toxic plant based dyes

Grünspecht Klangbaum® Marble Tree Large fits the following marbles:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Well made, beautiful sounds

I would say if you want your child to refine their squats, this is good buy haha because they won't stop! whenever i organize a playdate, the marble tree is super popular. They will play non stop, trying different ball textures, rubber balls, marbles, wooden balls.

Carmen Tan
Prettier, musical, alternative to a regular racer ramp tracker.

The glass marbles were too small and a choking hazard so I replaced them with larger wooden balls for my 11 month old. She will put the ball in at the middle instead of the top as the top leaves are still too high and too small for her. very cute.
This toy serves as both a tracker toy and a musical toy.

Best buy!

My daughter loves it so much! Whenever the marble runs down the tree, she would just stare at it non stop.