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Grimm's 28 Giant Acrylic Glitter Stones

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For decorating the Birthday table or nature table, building block castles and palasts and it is a real treasure in every secret box. In a pal leaf shell.

Materials: Acryl, mirror surface on bottom (more sparkling).

Size: diameter between 2,5-4,5cm.

Recommendation age: 14+

Age Grade (toy safety): Decoration

Warning! decorative item! not suitable for playing!

Approx. Weight: 0.03 kg

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Customer Reviews

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So shiny and pretty!

I bought this after i saw my kids LOVE to play treasure hunt
They use wooden coins, rocks etc as the treasures
So when i saw this, i immediately knew this will be perfect for their pretend play activity.
And i was right! They keep on thanking me for buying this for them. Happy mama here 😘

Stunning but the sides chips easily

Gemstones are absolutely stunning and huge. However, some gemstones had chipped at the side after one or two days of gentle playing. The sides became sharp-ish. Children loves it though.

Very shiny gems!

The gems comes in a few sizes and the shapes being quite close to actual gem cuts. The larger pieces are emerald and trapezoid shapes. Medium sized pieces are square and round. Smallest pieces are pointed ovals/ellipses. The small pieces can be potential choking hazards if your child is still mouthing. They're light in hand and my kids love using them as currency or part of their loose parts play.

The shine and reflectiveness of the gems are amazing. They're really really shiny in real life and the colours are very attractive. But if your kids use the flat bottoms of the gems to rub against the wall, the reflective mirror coating on the back will wear off really easily and you will be able to see through the gem. Naturally, the worn areas won't be as reflective anymore too. Generally for normal (not exactly gentle) play it holds up ok but it won't be as hardy as the regular wooden blocks products from Grimms.

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