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Grapat Treasure Basket 20 Elements

Grapat Treasure Basket 20 Elements

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This Grapat Treasure Basket by Bueno Blocks includes 20 elements in natural wood treated with natural waxes.

Recommended age +10 months.

It includes textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.

This game contains different wooden pieces which are designed to be included in the treasure basket. The basket is a type of game that improves logical-mathematical thinking, based on sensorial and discovery games which are the first games that children play. The set of elements in Grapat’s basket are just a part among all material that can be included. It is important to give children other elements such as metal, clothes, glass, etc.



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Lemony Red
Grapat Treasure Basket 20 Elements

Bought this treasure basket for my 7 months old baby. Have been eying few things and finally settled for this as it’s safe for little one to mouth and the size is nice for her to grab.

J. Js.
Amazing !

My son loves the toy absolutely. He was 8 months old when I first showed him the toy. He was so excited. It has been his favourite toy since then. He has been mouthing a lot. Some of the elements do start to warp slightly due to his saliva, but it doesn't affect the play. And we do sit with him while he plays with it. He likes to push the toys down whenever we stack them up. It is a great tool for bonding too!