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Grapat Nins®, Rings & Coins. No basic colors

Grapat Nins®, Rings & Coins. No basic colors

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Grapat Nins®, Rings & Coins (No basic colors) contains 6 ‘Nins’, 36 rings and 18 coins in different colors.

Recommended age +18 months.
Includes textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric..

The six different coloured rings allow to completely hide the Nin. The coins set the limit to make it rise, cover half of it, cover it completely… I appear, I disappear, I cover myself, I find myself again, etc. This is a simple material and allows many possibilities of play.



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Fateen M
My first Grapat purchase

This is my first purchase n i am happy to say that there will be more to come! We have been using this set for color sorting n counting activity n my 22mo daughter loves it so far

Needed some warmup, but now we're there!

It took a while for my then 1.5yo to get into this Grapat set. I would stack them up for her, and she would only be interested in knocking them down. Later she had very specific preferences of hiding all the Nins except the blue Nin (??) in the bag. Recently I showed her she could hide the Nins in the stacked rings covered with a coin, and she was so intrigued that she colour-sorted and hid all the other Nins herself (she's now 24 months). Her favourite thing is to stack the rings and coins up in one tall column (with Nins hidden inside) and yup, knock them all down. But I'm happy that she's engaging with them more and finding ways to play with them (she brought the Nins on a ride on her cart as well) and looking forward to her other discoveries!

As always, Bueno Blocks had lovely prompt service and delivery, no-waste packaging, and Grapat is of exceptional quality, able to withstand multiple knockings. No loose part ever gets lost because the little one makes sure she finds all 6 rings and 3 coins of each colour before she puts them away.