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Grapat 7 Moons, Weekly Calendar

Grapat 7 Moons, Weekly Calendar

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Grapat 7 Moons, Weekly Calendar contains 7 Nins®-acorns in 7 colors that are associated with each day of the week according to Waldorf pedagogy. 7 vessels and 1 round dish (18cm diameter) where the elements are contained.

Recommended age: +12 months

Material to experience the weekly cyclic rhythm. The children will associate each day with their color, and in this way they will be able to understand the passage of the days.
Many ancient cultures believed that every day of the week had it’s own planet, colour, scent and grain. Then, this ideas were applied by Waldorf pedagogies.

  • Monday: moon, rice, purple or violet, jasmine.
  • Tuesday: Mars, red, Barley, clove.
Wednesday, Mercury, Millet, yellow, copal.
  • Thursday, Jupiter, rye, orange, cedar…
  • Friday: Venus, oats, green, rose

  • Saturday: Saturn, corn, indigo or blue, myrrh.
  • Sunday: sun, wheat, white, frankincense



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Excellent service

Received first set with three that does not fit into the cups. They immediately shipped a new set and provided hassle-free return.

Carmen Tan
Goes well with our day of the week song

Every morning I sing to my daughter (now 10mo) our daily song which changes according to the day of the week. Its the same song I sang as a child in kindergarten. The song goes 'Good morning, good morning, how do you do? Today is Monday, yes it is Monday. Can you play with me? Yes I can play with you.'
These 7 peg dolls and cups, each representing a day of the week, will go well with the song.

midnight sunflower
Fun colors!

My daughter loves the little people in their "houses" and keeps asking me which day is which. So cute!