Our Logo & Name

Bueno Blocks: Open Ended Toy Store Malaysia

We thought it would be nice to share how we got our store name and logo. An unintended brainstorming session with our close friends brought about our name, Bueno Blocks.
Our logo is a cartoon of a boy playing with blocks that carries the name of our toy store. The boy is a representation of our toddler son (2 years and counting!) happily playing with his very first toys, building blocks. 
Our name is a combination of two words:
adjective Spanish

a solid piece of something
'Bueno' means good in Spanish. It is our aim to raise awareness of the benefits of open-ended toys; what we believe are better toys for children. Due to the nature of these toys, it invites total involvement as a family to build lasting memories.
'Block' signifies our toys as children's building blocks for their developmental milestones.
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