Our Objectives

At Bueno Blocks, we aim to offer toys that teach, inspire and grow with your child. These are toys that hold a child’s focus and attention, refine their gross and fine motor skills, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Often, they do not come with a manual; encouraging free play.
We avoid toys that come with batteries and/or sound or flash at the push of a button. We believe these toys do not hold a child's interest the way an open-ended toy will. Some toys are unsafe for mouthing due to its material or its paint. Most of all, they offer limited developmental opportunities and are age limiting.
We believe that children deserve better toys. All our toys are:
(i) Open-ended
Toys which are conducive for our children to wonder, learn, master and grow. That's why we believe in open-ended toys for there are no specific ways to play with them. 
(ii) Safe
We ensure that our toys are safe for mouthing. This translates to toys that are made of sustainable wood or toxic-free plastics/paint. All toys are tested and approved in compliance with Malaysia's Consumer Protection (Safety Standards for Toys) Regulation 2016 (with Amendment) such as European (EN-71) and American (ASTM F-963) toy safety standards. These give parents a peace of mind when offering your child(ren) the freedom to explore with our toys.
(iii) Do not have age limit
Our toys do not have an upper age limit, where parents and other adults alike can join in the discovery with children too. We believe in promoting hygge into our own homes - invite everyone to play along and savour the moments together!
Our selection of toys are all hand-picked by us parents, for parents.
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