Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, we are thrilled to bring you something truly special:
our carefully curated holiday bundles, designed not just to delight your little ones, but also to offer you the joy and fulfilment of providing safe, meaningful, lasting gifts that grows with your little one.

These bundles won't last forever. Available only till year's end.

Don't miss out!

To a Merry, Mindful & Meaningful Holiday Season,

- Yee Qing & KG


From uncontrolled limb movements to flipping, crawling, standing and perhaps taking their very first steps - there’s so much growth and physical milestones in your baby’s first year.

Playtime during this stage is unoccupied with your baby enjoying it solo. A basket of treasures free from choking hazards can keep your baby occupied for ages.

Baby Gift Guide


As your toddler grow, they become more curious, grow strong attachments, learn new words, understand cause-and-effect and develop independence.

Playtime during this stage is still mostly enjoyed solo by your child. Simple blocks, silks, peg dolls, stacking and nesting toy - your toddler will be well on his way to independent play.

Toddler Gift Guide


Your preschooler may be forming longer sentences, experiencing big emotional developments, gaining new physical skills and developing stronger memories.

Playtime during this stage involves your child interacting and engaging with other kids, expanding her understanding of herself, others and the world around her. Variety is key here. The more varied the play materials and experience, the better.

Preschooler Gift Guide


The simplest and most versatile toys, it’s no wonder blocks are a staple in every child’s toy box. Complete it with our classic rainbow stacker and magnetic tiles - you’ll have toys that will last through your little one’s childhood (and beyond!)

Timeless Gifts


Whether you’re looking to cosy up with your little one through daily activities or entering their imaginative worlds, give gifts with an element of surprise to keep things fresh & exciting.

Surprising Gifts


Daily movement helps your little ones stay active, build core muscle strength and encourage more complex, advanced movements including construction of ball runs! After intense focus and fun, cuddle up with your little ones for a lazy afternoon. 

Movement Gifts


Unleash your little one’s creativity while not stressing over the mess they might create.

Ingenius Gifts

The little things that count...

Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa or Party Bags, we’ve got you covered with 5 for 4 gifts.

For those who have everything...

Best not to guess.