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Connetix Tiles: Buyers Guide

Want to buy Connetix Tiles but not sure where to start? Ever since we started representing Connetix Tiles here in Malaysia, we have received tonnes of questions relating to this magical magnetic tiles. Here we answer all your frequently asked questions in one place so that you can refer back to them anytime. 

FAQ #1: I'm new to Connetix. Which pack should I buy?

There is no straight answer to this. It depends on a few factors:

  • How many children do you have?
  • What is your budget?
  • How extensive is your children's play?

Our number one recommendation is the Creative Pack (100pc Rainbow / 120pc Pastel). It gives a child just the right amount of tiles to start with, as well as the varieties of different tiles. 

If it is a little out of your budget, we recommend the Starter Pack (62pc Rainbow / 64pc Pastel). The number of tiles is good enough for a child to explore magnetism, albeit with lesser variety.


If budget is not a concern, take a plunge for the Mega Pack (212pc Rainbow / 202pc Pastel). It consists of the complete package of tiles in different shapes that Connetix Tiles offers and the complete colour spectrum for each range. It is the best bang for the buck, as it is the cheapest per piece compared to other packs.


FAQ #2: I've already got the Starter / Creative pack. What else would you recommend?

Go for the Geometry Packs (30pc Rainbow / 40pc Pastel) for unique hexagons and isosceles triangles to extend and enhance the build and play. These hexagons are not found in the starter and creative packs, so you're really getting in some variety. The geometry pack tiles also have a complete rainbow/pastel colour spectrum.

If your child wish to build more complicated structures with firm foundation to build upon, the Baseplate Packs (2pc Blue-Green / 2pc Lemon-Peach / 2pc Pink-Berry / 2pc Clear) would be the perfect addition to the collection. Baseplates also work great as a play scene or dioramas. For example, blue/green as water and mountains, lemon/peach as desserts, pink/berry as Sakura and clear as Swiss Alps.

If your child is looking to build taller or play more extensively, the Expansion Square Packs (40pc Rainbow / 40pc Pastel) would be the perfect addition. The 40pc Rainbow Expansion pack has large green and orange tiles unavailable in the Starter and Creative rainbow packs. Whereas the Pastel expansion pack have the full spectrum of pastel colours.

If you are looking for cars, Connetix has a 2pc Car Pack24pc Motion Pack or the 50pc Transport Pack for vehicle play. Their cars come with rubber wheels! The motion pack comes with additional tiles for the customisation of vehicles. Think police car, fire engine, or ambulance.

Lastly, Connetix has clear tiles (34pc Clear starter packs) if you want to add colourless tiles to your collection.



FAQ #3: I already have the tiles and am considering having the ball runs. Which would you recommend? 

We recommend always starting with the Ball Run Packs (92pc Rainbow / 106pc Pastel) for ball runs. It comes with simpler ball run tubes that is not too challenging for children to learn and pick up first.

When your child is ready to uplevel their ball runs, go for the Ball Run Expansion Packs (66pc Rainbow / 80pc Pastel), which offer complicated tracks for expert ball run builders.


Most importantly, the long tracks are only found in the Ball Run Packs, and Expansion Packs are really an expansion to them.


FAQ #4: Which would you recommend? Rainbow or Pastels? Aside from colour, is there anything I should know about?

While the choice of colour palettes is a matter of personal preference, here is something you might not know:

Pastels have more colours and that means more square tiles.

Rainbow packs come in six (6) different coloured tiles. 

Pastel packs come in eight (8) different coloured tiles. 

What does that mean? Pastel packs tend to have more square tiles, and you know how we at Bueno Blocks feel about the simplest of blocks. All essentials, no fluff toys. Small square tiles are the best building blocks for magnetic tiles. Simple, basic and highly versatile. Offer a few pieces to your child, and they are ready to play with them without any guidance.


FAQ #5: My child is below 3 years old. Are Connetix Tiles suitable for them?

Connetix Tiles is recommended for children ages 3 and above. This is due to the risk of small parts coming off and may pose as a choking hazard.

As long as there is strict adult supervision to mitigate that risk, it is safe to introduce it to younger children. 

In our home, both our children have been playing with magnetic tiles since they turned 16 months, and in this period of 3 years, we have not faced any incidents where small parts came off.


There you have it, a guide to help you take the plunge into the World of Connetix Tiles - where play and learning connect!

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