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Grapat Aguamarina Spring

Grapat Aguamarina Spring

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Grapat Aguamarina Spring contains: 3 Nins®, 3 Nins® Wizards, 3 mates, 9 rings, 9 coins.

Recommended age +12 months.

Nature is like a colorful album of images that gives us a beautiful scene month after month. No matter where we live, in the countryside or in the city, every season has its own beauty, colors and treasures.

And if we place them on a station table, in that corner of the house where we can follow the cycle of the year?

It will be like bringing a slice of the outside world into our home, filling it with colors and other natural elements that we can treasure.

This material will allow you to experience and appreciate the many ways in which the nature of your environment evolves and changes.

That’s why each set in the series Seasons evokes a season and its elements are impregnated with the colors of the cycle of life.

Until a few months later in spring, life is reborn, everything is filled with flowers, new animals and days of light, appear pink, magenta, fresh green and yellow fresh and clean.



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Mohamed Latheef

Both my kids love this, thank you 😊


The quality of the wood is awesome (as expected from grapat). The chunky size is perfect for those tiny fingers to grab. Love everything about this set. It got a bit of everything (rings, coins, mates, nins).