TicToys by Bueno Blocks Malaysia: Open Ended Toy Store

TicToys was pioneered by two best of friends. During one of Tony Ramenda's rock band gigs, he exchanged his band's CD for a Latin American heritage juggling wooden toy. The toy was brought back and shared with his flatmate, Matthias Meister. It quickly evolved from their favourite pastime to a craze among students in Chemnitz, Germany. The toy popularity compelled them to start TicToys, a completely new way to play.

TicToys philosophy of Die Neue Spielzeugkultur literally mean the new toy culture. How are TicToys games different?

  • Encourage movement while playing
  • Simple design opens up endless possibilities, allowing imagination and creativity to flow
  • High quality - durable and fine workmanship; made to be passed on as family heirlooms
  • Natural and environmentally friendly - made of renewable resources and finished with water-based paints & varnishes free of heavy metals
  • Ageless and genderless - invite everyone to play along together, keep moving and stay healthy
  • Made in Germany
  • All TicToys products are EN71 compliant and carry Spiel Gut award (certified as educationally valuable toy)