Each piece of Flockmen fits perfectly in your palm. It is designed to be impossible to swallow so it is safe to play with around babies. 

Open ended, Imaginative way of play

Flockmen assist the child in taking the lead in play; enriching their playing experience. Let Flockmen be your child's heroes in bedtime stories, use it for role playing or even pretend small world play. Flockmen is a perfect introduction to STEM learning and art - build towers, make patterns or use it for counting.

More than just a toy, Flockmen’s unique design connects people across generations from toddlers, to young parents and seniors. A doctor's waiting room, an ice breaker, a visit to grandparents' - whether solitary or group play, Flockmen makes it all possible.

Flockmen is Safe, Sustainable and Ethical

Each piece of Flockmen is made in the small, beautiful country of Latvia. Flockmen is a family run business that oversees the entire production including product design, product testing, manufacturing, quality assurance and fulfilment. They cooperate with local suppliers, utilising and training local skillsets; supporting their surrounding community. 

Flockmen toys are all CE certified and tested by an internationally accredited laboratory to comply with EN71 toy safety regulations.

Flockmen are made of strong Baltic Birch timber that can withstand wear-and-tear as well as shock and splitting. Stack it, tessellate it, push it over and hit the ground. Flockmen are designed for maximum durability.

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